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Announcement : One Veteran at a Time Program

Happy Independence Day from Integrated Biomechanic Therapy!

In honor of those who have served to earn and preserve our freedoms, IBT is proud to announce both the official launch of the One Veteran at a Time Program. In a previous post, an explanation is given of the potential benefits of IBT intervention for our nation’s veterans.

With the One Veteran at a Time Program, IBT will be committing to provide free, programmed therapy to a minimum of one veteran at a time!

What Veterans Will Receive

  • An assessment of goals and potential efficacy of IBT intervention

  • A series of 60 minute sessions (including orthopedic massage, corrective exercise, instructed self care) will be programmed depending upon assessment results

  • Program sessions will be pre scheduled, programs typically are 2x a week, for 2,4,6,8 weeks

What Veterans Must Provide

  • DD214 proof of service

  • Listing of conditions

  • Commitment to attend all therapy sessions

  • Commitment to practice self care

  • Commitment to participate in a recorded post-program debrief interview and release to publish the recording

If you or a veteran you know would like to be considered for participation in One Veteran at a Time, contact IBT today!

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