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IBT Mission

Access - Opportunity - Recognition

The Integrated Biomechanic Therapy Organization seeks to increase:


Access to high-quality therapy, by qualified practitioners, for everyone in need, especially currently underserved populations.


Opportunity for LMT practitioners to expand their skills and knowledge, develop their careers, lead others in the industry, and serve their communities.


Recognition of massage therapy as a valuable intervention and inclusion of massage in patient care programs, by the medical establishment and the professionals within it.

Connections - Systems - Education

IBT Vision

The Integrated Biomechanic Therapy mission will be realized by fostering:

Connections between therapists, as a networked community with other professionals, and populations in need of quality therapy.


Systems that leverage technology to plan, execute, and record therapy, in support of evidence-based scientific research.


Education for LMT practitioners, therapy clients, and other professionals to enhance therapeutic practice, outcomes, and collaboration.

Service - Leadership - Science

IBT Values

Service - We recognize that service to our fellow humans is not only the outcome of our work, but the very action that enables our growth.  We serve to grow and grow to serve.



  • Care - We truly care about each other and our clients, desiring to do our best work in service to others and their health.

  • Inclusion - We work as a team, in service to each other, because we create greater value in our communities by collaborating.

  • Contribution - We grow in our knowledge and capability by challenging ourselves with opportunities to serve others, especially those who need it most.


Leadership - We are leaders in all things, living our best lives, through our mission and values, in order to lead others in pursuit of their own best lives.


  • Integrity - We lead by acting with integrity at all times, guided by our principles and desire to serve.

  • Accountability - We lead by holding ourselves and each other accountable for delivering on our promises of outcome-oriented, science-based care.

  • Trust - We lead by earning the trust of our clients and continuously validating that trust by creating positive outcomes in their lives.


Science - We are tech-savvy scientists who relentlessly pursue knowledge, collaboratively build systems, and base our conclusions on evidence.


  • Evidence - We embrace scientific research methods by thoroughly documenting our therapy and outcomes, using evidence to define and improve our best practices.

  • Technology - We leverage technology to efficiently and effectively record, share, and analyze the information that contributes to building better systems of practice.

  • Learning - We learn constantly and contribute to the ever-expanding shared body of knowledge that drives the evolution of science.

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