Emmett Pryor : IBT One Veteran at a Time #1

Congratulations to Emmett Pryor, the first veteran to complete the IBT One Veteran at a Time Program!

To learn more about the IBT One Veteran at a Time Program, check out this article.

Emmett Pryor, Marine Corps, Lance Corporal III, served from June 03-07. Emmett suffered a C-5 cervical injury in 2011 from a diving accident.

In a wheelchair for the last 7 years as a quadriplegic, he plays quad rugby in addition to throwing the club and racing wheelchair slalom for the VA Games.

Emmett stays active in his manual wheelchair and fortunately, at the beginning of his program had no substantial pain or discomfort to report. The goal of his therapy was to test its potential on the quality of life for someone in a manual wheelchair. He received 10 60-minute sessions over the course of 7 weeks. Here are the results he reported:

  • Improved strength in left arm when pushing his wheelchair

  • Greater symmetry in strength between both arms when pushing his wheelchair

  • Greater symmetry through both shoulders in range of motion for pushing position

  • Restored medial rotation and pronation in left arm and forearm

  • Able to hold up his arms longer for arm circles

  • Able to do 200 arm circles in a row for the first time

  • Improved endurance for rugby practice

  • Reduced amount of soreness after rugby practice

  • Removed residual soreness due to rugby

  • Improved ability to push on softer surfaces (i.e. carpet)

  • Able to push up ramp into home

  • New ability: Now capable of reverse movement through his shoulder blades to lift himself up in bed at an incline

When pushing uphill Emmett reported a weakness and pain level in his left arm at a pain level of 10 on a scale of 1-10. Post therapy program he reported both his strength and pain level to be at a 6.5.

Emmett also stated, “This is the best I’ve ever felt.”

We are so thrilled to see Emmett improve his in-chair comfort, athletic performance, mobility, and overall quality of life through Integrated BIomechanic Therapy! Congratulations Emmett!

If you or a veteran you know would like to be considered for participation in One Veteran at a Time, contact IBT today!

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