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Integrated Biomechanic Therapy is the only Adaptive Therapy System for integrating Orthopedic Massage Therapy with Corrective Exercise and Self Care Instruction. (Patent Pending)

Therapy Overview


IBT is a highly advanced, evidence-based system for addressing pain and movement restriction caused by lifestyle-induced postural distortion.


The IBT system uses a comprehensive, high-tech body alignment and movement assessment to formulate custom, personalized, and adaptive treatment protocols.


IBT is performed in dedicated one-on-one client sessions by multi-disciplinary therapists we train and certify as “Biomechanics”.



IBT Biomechanics specialize in advanced Orthopedic Massage techniques, not the typical relaxation-oriented Swedish massage offered at your neighborhood spa.


Biomechanics are also certified to instruct corrective exercises from a professionally curated library.


A regular Massage Therapist is not permitted to offer exercise instruction, and a Personal Trainer is legally prohibited from massaging or stretching a client.

Biomechanics create outcome synergy by combining both fields, all in one place, under one program.


Muscles have a natural reflex to resist pain. When too much pressure is applied during a massage, the muscle will naturally resist force by tightening further.


IBT Biomechanics are trained to release tight muscles without pain or excess pressure.


The protocols within the IBT system focus on balancing antagonistic musculature, enabling the body to support its own healing process toward natural and pain-free movement. 


Clients are never cracked, popped, or adjusted to force realignment.


Physical Therapy clinics are overloaded with patients suffering traumatic injuries or severe medical conditions and require an M.D. referral, just to review a case.

IBT is affordable and available to everyone seeking the most efficient and effective way to care for their body.



Pain & Movement Assessment

Prior to therapy, each client receives a brief Pain and Movement Assessment that collects mathematical body geometry data in a full range of positions and merges that information with individual qualitative data from the client on their living experience of pain and movement restriction.


The IBT system is designed to use the assessment information collected to formulate personalized customizations into program templates, resulting in therapy protocols that are uniquely individualized for maximum effectiveness.

Pain Inventory

Posture Screening

Movement Analysis

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