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IBT: A Lifetime of Systems Innovation

Integrated Biomechanic Therapy is the culmination of 17 years of exhaustive research, practical application, and innovative system engineering by Wendy Hajik.


Already a top-performing athlete from a young age, Wendy laid the groundwork for IBT during her years as a United States Air Force Jet Engine Mechanic, sharpening her technical systems skills working on the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress.


After completing her military service, Wendy returned to her early interest in athletics and saw the opportunity to apply the adaptive systems that enable aircraft maintenance to the training, development, and repair of human bodies, so she funded her education in massage therapy, anatomy, and exercise using the G.I. Bill.


Over the next decade, Wendy became a highly sought-after trainer, expert orthopedic massage therapist, world record-setting powerlifter, and competitive physique athlete.


Wendy’s vision of a truly unified and adaptive system came to life after an entire year of dedicated development work on Integrated Biomechanic Therapy (patent pending) before making this groundbreaking invention available to the public. 


The IBT organization is committed to unity, diversity, equality, inclusivity, and service to all owners of a human body through science-based care.  

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