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Commitment to Transparency

As you have seen from my initial articles, I choose to be entirely transparent with the information behind my theory, my patent application for the invention of my adaptive therapy system, and the mechanisms by which this therapy engages our bodies' naturally occurring ability to develop strength and mitigate pain.

I have seen an alarming trend in the field of bodywork (as well as many other industries) toward a lack of transparency by therapists who assume and exploit the ignorance of their clients. This only serves to exacerbate further mistrust of the bodywork field, as a whole, and robs the true potential of science-based massage techniques and corrective exercise.

While many would restrict this depth of knowledge in explanation of their invention, I am choosing to fully reveal to accomplish several key objectives:

  1. Demonstrating the scientifically justifiable explanation of both the effectiveness as well as the cause of why this therapy system works

  2. Showing the mechanisms in human bodies that are being influenced to induce pain and the choice we have to initiate alternate mechanisms to relieve pain

  3. Avoiding use of the fancy, distracting buzz words the bodywork industry likes to hide behind

  4. Showing there are no empty promises with faulty science that requires "tricking" your body's healing response

  5. Providing objective knowledge of the effects that are both quantifiable, by the receiver of the therapy, and observable, by the provider of the therapy.

  6. Eliminating the subjective, often placebo effect, of a receiver having to convince themselves their therapy is effective, with no observable effects.

  7. Opening the door for industry/medical professionals to review, critique, and analyze the Integrated Biomechanic Therapy system, instead of hiding behind a "no professional review" policy

In an industry where trust is paramount to healing, it is my hope that both potential clients and practitioners can see the value that full transparency provides in attaining that trust.

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