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  • Is IBT uncomfortable or painful?
    NO. The misconception in massage (sports, deep tissue, etc.) is “no pain – no gain”. The goal of massage is to aid in relaxation of your soft tissues, and this is not achieved by experiencing pain. When your body feels pain, it activates your sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight), which releases adrenaline (a stress hormone), and causes your muscles to constrict. This is the opposite of what we are trying to achieve. Forcing your body and its tissues to “relax” can lead to further muscle and connective tissue damage and sets your up for longer-term issues. When it comes to massage, our bodies respond to slowly increasing pressure and only using what is necessary for the tissues to “let you in”. Too intense pressure and aggressive techniques before the body is warmed up and ready is what causes bruising and will actually increase inflammatory responses.
  • What should I wear for my IBT session?
    For IBT sessions, athletic/gym clothing is appropriate. Additional disrobing will only be necessary if the affected area requires it.
  • Who will perform my therapy?
    Integrated Biomechanic Therapy Mobile Massage Services are provided exclusively by licensed massage therapists who have been specially trained and certified. IBT is not a referral service that simply takes calls and outsources to random therapists with questionable expertise. You call the best to get the best, every time!
  • Why not use one of those phone applications to book a Mobile Massage Service?
    Several mobile applications have been created in the past couple years which allow you to book a massage on demand, even at the last minute, which seems like an incredible convenience. Unfortunately, these applications are just a mechanism for managing referrals out to hundreds of independant contractors. They take a big chunk of the money you pay, so they have to charge you more to pay the therapist working for you less. Don't take the chance that you'll be sent an inexperienced therapist who happened to sign up for an app; book a top quality professional with a fantastic reputation to get your money's worth!
  • Is gratuity/tipping expected for my IBT service?
    Integrated Biomechanic Therapy supports total transparency in pricing, with no hidden fees. Pricing is set at fair market value for top quality massage therapy and tips are neither expected nor requested.
  • Why are some Massage Therapy services cheaper?
    We are very confident that the high quality experience provided by our mobile massage therapy service surpasses our competition by a large margin and delivers excellent value with no hidden fees or add-on costs. We caution you against buying into the idea of “cheap massage” for the following reasons: Many massage sessions advertised as “1 hour” are actually only 50 minutes, making them 20% more expensive than they appear. Inexpensive spas are very likely to employ new massage therapists just out of school who simply do not have the experience and skill development required to provide high quality care. Many apparently cheap prices advertised are actually introductory rates to bait new clients into an opportunity for a high pressure sales pitch for a membership/package which requires a contract commitment or large prepayment. Corners must be cut in order to lower prices, and seemingly insignificant issues such as the selection of cheap, runny lotion instead of high quality massage cream can ruin a massage experience.
  • What sort of massage lotion/oil/cream is used?
    IBT Mobile Massage sessions offer two options: * High quality, all-natural Santa Barbara massage cream, made from olive oil, coconut oil, and beeswax, is the preferred option for relaxing Swedish Massage because it warms in the therapist's hands instantly and provides the perfect amount of glide. * Ancient Minerals Magnesium Gel, made from aloe vera and magnesium chloride, is the preferred option for Orthopedic Massage and Sports Massage sessions because magnesium helps reduce inflammation in muscle tissue.
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