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Massage Services


Bring the spa experience to you with a relaxing Swedish Massage, right in your own home!


Your therapist will arrive with everything needed to maximize your relaxation: a portable massage table, fresh linens, soft music, and aromatherapy candles.


Hand-made bath bombs are also available to complete your in-home spa getaway with a relaxing bath after.

Orthopedic Massage

Orthopedic massage sessions apply techniques which focus on addressing pain and movement restriction rather than simply relaxing muscles.


A therapeutic orthopedic massage session is ideal for clients suffering from repetitive stress pain caused by long hours of desk/computer work, extended drive time, physical labor, or frequent travel.

Massage / Stretching

Sports Massage sessions are specially customized for athletes suffering discomfort from rigorous training or competition.


Therapeutic massage techniques are combined with neuromuscular stretching to alleviate pain and restore proper movement.


Many athletes prefer to book two sessions; one before and one after a major competition event.

Myofascial Decompression/ Cupping
Integrated Biomechanic

Specially designed vacuum cups are placed on the body to create negative pressure on soft tissues.  


In order to cause a permanent change in length of connective tissues, a low-load prolonged stretch must be applied and maintained for several minutes to be effective.


Myofascial Decompression Therapy with vacuum cups is an excellent compliment to Orthopedic Massage techniques and has grown very popular in Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy practices.

For clients with chronic issues requiring more than one therapy session, the IBT system creates an adaptive therapeutic model for combining Orthopedic Massage with Corrective Exercise and Self-Care Instruction.


This patent-pending system underwent years of development before being offered to the public and is not available anywhere else. 


For more information, see the Programs Page.

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